Wine Tasting in Montrichard.


Sunday dawned dark and wet! We should not complain about the rain. After a long and very hot summer we need the rain to make the grass grow for our horses, the crops for the farmers and the vines for the wine producers.

Vines in November

We decided to  go to the Premier Festival des Vins in Montrichard! It didn’t matter that it was raining, that’s what I love about wine tasting, it’s not weather dependent!

Montrichard (pop.3,300)  was renamed in January 2016 as the city of Montrichard-Val-de-Cher. It was merged with the town of Bourré (pop.675). Who knew!

We arrived in a wet Montrichard. There was a large marquee with a live band and few people or producers.

Seeing a producer we knew from Domaine de Marce we wandered over and said “Bonjour! Qu’est ce qui ce passe ici?” “Hello! What’s happening here?”

Madame Godet explained what was going on and where all the producers were to be found. There were tents set up along the street but many of the producers had moved into the three troglodyte caves.


There was no charge for the wine tastings, but you could buy a glass for 2€ and off you went! We decided to chose producers along the banks of the Cher and not too far from our regulars as this gave us great opportunity to discover some new vineyards for our tours without driving for kilometres and kilometres.

The first one we came across was Les Caves du Père Auguste. We tasted his reds and whites and decided upon the Chenin Blanc a demi-sec. Slightly sweet with a rich fruity flavour. Not our usual at all but delicious!

We then moved on to Domaine de Jean Christophe Mandard It was a great tasting. He is a wonderful character and we will definitely be making a RDV with him in the future.

Finally we went to seek out Florence Veilex from Domaine de la Chapinière. Attached to this domaine is Le Manège de la Chapinière where my daughter Laura goes for coaching with her showjumper BRUCE! But that’s another story.

Meanwhile back at the Festival we found Florence. She offered us a dégustation of her very recently bottled Sauvignon. Her 2017 was épuisé, sold out. Florence had bottled her 2018 on the previous Thursday but she is not allowed to sell it until December.

I feel an excuse for a visit and another dégustation coming on!

Should you too feel the need for a dégustation also please feel free to contact me, Wine Tasting Info.


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