February 2019 #bookdirect

Time to think of your summer holiday if you have not already done so. CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN Do you know that if you #bookdirect with us, or any independent holiday home owner you will save money? Home Away will charge you a ‘service fee’ of  between 6% and 12% on top of the […]

January 2019. A New Year.

Well another year has been and gone and we welcome 2019 with a little trepidation. None of us can foresee the future, we just need to embrace whatever is thrown at us. I don’t believe in making resolutions. I do however believe in setting goals and challenges. One of those goals is to get up […]

Ready for the 2018 season in our lovely La Maison de Maitre, Loire Gite.

It has been a long hard slog this year to get La Maison de Maitre, Loire Gite ready. Spring arrived and then packed her bags and left! She did decide to return for a few days but then left again. Our first visitors arrived a few days before  Spring left again. They did manage to […]

A Sunday Morning Stroll

All through the spring and summer months here in France there are many Vide- Greniers and Plante Trocs. Car boot sales. I’m always after a bargin.   Vide-Grenier literally meaning Empty Attic. To throw out all your unwanted junk and stuff which does not work! I have thrown better stuff away at Stafford tip! Plante […]

Around the gite.

      Where does this take you too from La Maison de Maitre? We always tell our guests to turn into the White Lane. You have arrived. GPS systems actually take our guests directly to the gite. Thought we do ask them to come up to the house. The White Lane. Where does it […]