A Sunday Morning Stroll

Entrance to the Vide-Grenier

All through the spring and summer months here in France there are many Vide- Greniers and Plante Trocs. Car boot sales. I’m always after a bargin.


Vide-Grenier literally meaning Empty Attic. To throw out all your unwanted junk and stuff which does not work! I have thrown better stuff away at Stafford tip!

Plante Troc literally meaning to barter for plants. No bartering here but the prices do tend to be very good.

Beautiful Sunday morning and off we set for Cormery or as we know it here the “priority á droit’ village. Give way to traffic entering the MAIN ROAD from the right. Talk about daft rule.

Anyway we arrive in this busy village which sprawls either side of the Route National D943 and the bridge which crosses the River Indre.

This is the first Sunday we have been able to get out.

We were lucky enough to find a spot to park the car as soon as we arrived. Sometimes at these events it can be quite a hike from the parked car to the VG.

Love this clock face!


The stall holders have probably been there since crack of dawn. They are all well set up behind their stalls. Brolly to keep the sun off, comfy chair for the afternoon doze after a picnic lunch and a glass of vino.

There is always a wide range of items on offer. Doug loves to browse the old tools and the various weird and wonderful objects. Me? I look for old paintings, mirrors, silk designer scarves and anything to do with sewing. I have picked up a few old sewing baskets in the past, complete with ancient cottons, zips, needles and suspenders!

There are many stalls selling clothes and no longer needed baby items.

In amongst the mix too you may find a genuine antique. If you are a fan of jewellery there is plenty to choose from. Something to suit all tastes.

In spring time it is possible to buy your geraniums and tomato plants. Today I bought two Super Steak toms and two Estiva. I also found some really healthy trailing geraniums. That is not all I bought , I found a Chinese steamer. In total I spent the grand sum of €10.50.

That’s all for now. Things to go and do. Never a dull moment here.

Four toms and four geraniums.


Plants for sale.


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