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Wine Tasting Tours around the Loire Valley

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Saint Vincent. Patron Saint of Wine Growers.

Saint Vincent, the patron Saint of wine growers.  He was born in Spain in 4th Century. He was martyred in Valencia, by being crushed to death in a wine press on 22 January 304. It is a mystery as to why he became the patron Saint of winegrowers. There is no shortage of theories. It could simply be  the first three letters of his name. ‘Vin’.

Legend also has it that he stopped by the side of a vineyard to chat to the workers and his donkey nibbled at the vines. The following harvest it was noted that those vines had produced more fruit than all the other vines. Saint Vincent’s donkey had invented the art of vine pruning.

His saint’s day 22 January is ideal for the wine producers at a period between vinification, (the conversion of grape juice into wine by fermentation) and pruning when the vines are dormant.

Should you wish to sample the reds around Chinon or the whites of the Touraine region around Montrichard we can arrange a tour for you.

Both regions do red, whites, rosé and bubbles.

From the well-informed to the merely curious, we tailor-make the tour, offering personalised tasting sessions in up to three working vineyards  at cellar door prices. A half day tour starts at 95€/pp.

All visits include transport,  guides and all tastings at the vineyards.

We can offer a package to include accommodation.

Please contact us with your requirements.

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Bespoke Wine Tours in the Heart of the Loire Valley
From the well-informed to the merely curious, we tailor-make the tour for you

Removing the Mystique of French Wine
Personalised tasting sessions in up to three working vineyards per day

From the Vineyard to your Cave
World-class wines at cellar door prices

The Real Loire Valley, the Real France
All visits include transport,  guides and all tastings at the vineyards.

Wine Tours

Domaine du Puy

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Domaine du Puy sits on the banks of the Vienne River. Established in 1820 by Alexis Delalande it has seen a succession of 5 generations led today by Patrick Delalande who keeps the traditions alive.

The vineyard found in the Chinon appellation in  Cravant les Coteaux , known for its rich and noble land.

Domaine De Marcé.

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Christophe and Natalie GODET    took over the vineyard in 2008 from

Daniel,  Christophe’s  father,  who has 50 harvests  behind him!

They are the 7thgeneration of winemakers on this domaine which has  35 hectares of vines on a clay and sandy soil. The commune of Oisly is 131m above sea level

Although located in the Touraine appellation area, this small region on the borders of Sologne and Touraine is called “La Sologne Viticole”.

This lovely couple produce  mainly white wine  of which 80% is Sauvignon and a small 2 hectares  parcel of Chardonnay.

 The other 20%  is made up of reds – Gamay, Cabernet, Cot and Pineau d’Aunis.

All are delicious and well worth a visit for a tasting.

 A Half Day tour starting from 95€/pp

We will pick you up from your accommodation between 1.00-1.30pm. Drive you to three vineyards for the tastings then return you to your accommodation around 5.30pm.


The Red Tour is around Chinon.

The White Tour is around Montrichard.

Both areas have excellent examples of both red, white, rosé and bubbles.

Contact me with your requirements.